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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the wiring harness leads be shortened?

Yes.  JPI uses a high input impedance system that is insensitive to wire length or resistance on its flight avionics equipment. If you add wire, be sure it is the same thermocouple wire(type K) and use zinc chloride solder such as "Nokorode" brand. Good quality copper 'butt splices' preferred


Is a form 337 required for an EDM-700/800 installation?



What Pin Extractor tool is correct for the connectors?

AMP 91067-2.  You can purchase from World Avionics 877-225-0267


What are the normal ranges for temperatures?


EGT in cruise EGT in cruise high performance 1550°F
DIF (EGT) fuel injected 70 - 90°F
DIF (EGT) carbureted 120 - 150°F
TIT 1600°F average
CHT 350 - 410°F
CLD (shock cooling) -40°/minute tightly cowled, -55°/minute Bonanza, -200°/minute helicopter.

Installation times for JPI EDMs.

Here are some ballpark numbers: ( remember each aircraft is different.)

FS-450 - about 10 hrs

FS-450M for a twin - about 16 hours

EDM-700 EGT/CHT only, installation time is about 10 hours. For fuel flow an additional 5 to 10 hours (add one hour for each temp 'Option' installed).

EDM-800 installation requires about 25 hours.

For an EDM-760 it takes about 30 hours; add 6 -10 hours for fuel flow.

EDM-900/930 - around 40 hours. [ 50 to 60 hours with panel cut and Fuel Quanity procedure.]

* Times will vary with each aircraft. *